My Heart – 8 x 6″


10 X 8″ black mount/frame

My heart, I feel you sinking

I watch you as you fall

I do not try to change your state

But stay with you through it all

I don’t reach down to pull you up

Or force open your door

I hold you gently where you are

And love you all the more

I don’t offer cures or answers

I simply let you be

In allowing you this space and time

I’m setting myself free

Without my struggle or frustration

When the time is right

You rise again and open up

To welcome in the light


edition of 350 prints (each print is signed and numbered and comes with Nicola’s poem on the back)


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8 X 6” image in 10 X 8” black mount
8 X 6” image in 10 X 8” black mount and black frame

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Mounted and Framed, Mounted only