Follow The Magic


Image size: 22 x 22″

Framed size: 26 x 26″


Follow the magic wherever it goes

Way up over your head

Deep down under your toes

Whirling and swirling and fizzling with glee

The world’s full of magic

Just look and you’ll see!

When night-time comes and the moon shines bright

And the whole world glistens in a silvery light

Stars wink and twinkle as magic fills the air

Dancing on the wind, blowing through your hair

See it and feel it and know that it’s true

Listen to the magic, it’s calling to you

To live and love and follow your heart

To dream and trust and be who you are


Art and Poetry © Nicola Chestnutt

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Product Description

Original Watercolour Painting on 300gsm watercolour paper, mounted and framed.

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